Mini Avocado + Lavender Flower Gentle Cleansing Oil

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1.00 Ounces

Gently remove makeup with pure natural oils and skin healing lavender.  Perfect for everyday use or those occasional glam sessions. 

Lavender oil naturally combats acne troubles.  It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can fight lingering bacteria which causes acne and inflammation.

Cleansing oils are the most effective way to remove water-proof makeup products, from lip stains to mascara + dissolve the pore-clogging oil produced by your face.

Apply a small amount to cotton balls, rounds, or cloths to gently remove makeup.  Follow with a handcrafted facial soap of your choice.

Essentials/Ingredients: Grape seed, Safflower, Avocado, Vitamin E, + Lavender EO